Our History

Here at Bespoke CamperVan, we are proud to say that we are a family owned and operated business. In 1985, we began customizing cars in Southern California. We started off with a couple of mobile electronics retail stores in various areas around Los Angeles. It gave us the opportunity to create custom audio, video, interior, and exterior creations for many car enthusiasts.

In 2010 Bespoke Coach launched, after more than 30 years working in this field, we decided to hone our skills and specialize in custom made to order Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversions. We’ve created luxury van conversions ranging from a premiere mobile office, built-in bathrooms, and multi passenger family coaches. Our imagination knows no limits and we are consistently working with our clients to push the boundaries of that imagination.

In the recent years, we realized we could explore those boundaries further and use our extensive experience to transition into building camper vans. Our advantage over our competitors is the quality and customization we bring into every build. The team at Bespoke CamperVan thrives in our ability to create modular custom layouts that can fit our customers’ unique lifestyles.

Quality Results

The Bespoke CamperVan team is always striving to create new designs, find new materials, and technologies to incorporate into our camper van conversions. Our development team is comprised of the top engineers, designers, and fabricators and we are constantly working to make our camper vans user friendly and innovative. Using only the most durable materials and products, each Bespoke CamperVan is truly one of a kind masterpiece!

Our Guarantee

Bespoke CamperVan by Bespoke Coach is proud to be a Certified Mercedes-Benz ExpertUpfitter. The ExpertUpfitter program gives you the unique opportunity to finance your CamperVan build and the van through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services right at the dealer when you buy the van. Being an ExpertUpfitter ensures that you are covered by the basic 3-Year/36,000 mile Mercedes-Benz Manufacturer Warranty.